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Welcome to Mini Milestones! Our goal is to help make parenting less stressful by taking away some of life's little uncertainties. Raising a child should be fulfilling and enjoyable but, let's face it, sometimes it can be stressful!

At Mini Milestones, our goal is to help relieve some undue stress that comes along with those little nagging questions like "Should my child be crawling by now?" or "What should I do if my child doesn't smile?"

- Melanie Waller, Mini Milestones Founder

What does Mini Milestones have to offer for Parents?

Child Screening

The core of Mini Milestones lies in our special Child Development Screening which will help you assess the progress of you child's development in core areas, or milestones. The screening is quick and simple and will tell you where your child stands in plain terms; no doctor-speak. You'll instantly know whether your child is developing at, above, or below average.

Parent Community

Because we all need someone to talk to, the Mini Milestones offers a free Parenting Discussion Board. The discussion board offers a safe environment for parents to ask advise about problems you're facing, get support with difficult decisions, and share your own experiences with the Mini Milestones parent community.

In addition to the parent community, our Parenting Discussion Board is also frequented by early childhood professionals including teachers, speech therapists, developmental specialists.

Article Library

Our growing Article Library will help guide you through the specific developments your child is experiencing at this moment. All our articles are written by early childhood professionals. The articles are catalogued by age to provide relevant guidance specific your child's needs.

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If you have or care for a child under the age of three, we would be glad to be there to support you and we would be honored to have your involvement. Sign up for free while we work through the beta testing of our new website!

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